Carolyn Krieger is the founder and president of CKC Agency. Her impeccable reputation, unwavering integrity and endless creativity as a public relations powerhouse are the foundation upon which CKC Agency is built. Carolyn is genuine, and the deep, trusted business, client, and media relationships she has developed during her 40+ year career transcend the typical. She relishes her role as a sought-after source and sounding board for everyone from corporate leaders to clients, media contacts from the boardroom to the newsroom, and seasoned to young industry professionals.

Early in her career, this Michigan State University communications graduate was one of Detroit’s most prominent, in-demand radio promotion directors, creating iconic contests and garnering local and national publicity at three of metro Detroit’s top-rated radio stations. She was recognized nationally as Outstanding Woman in Radio Mid-Management by the American Women in Radio and Television.

Carolyn also received the prestigious honor of being inducted into the National Association of Professional Women 2015-2016 Woman of the Year Circle. In addition, she was honored as a top woman leader by the Michigan Business and Professional Association, receiving its 2018 “Leadership in the Workplace” award, was named an “Esteemed Woman of Michigan” that same year, and was honored by the National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan as its “Woman of Vision” in 2022.

“I interviewed many highly recommended PR firms, and none seemed right…until I met Carolyn Krieger. She possessed the energy, warmth, excitement, focus, and drive I was looking for. 

—Lori Kanat Edelson, LMSW, LMFT, Clinic Owner, CEO – Birmingham Maple Clinic

Carolyn’s exuberant passion and unbridled enthusiasm for publicizing worthwhile projects and people are reflected in CKC Agency’s mission. Her expertise in generating positive press and big buzz has resulted in thousands of print, broadcast and online articles, features, stories, and segments. And it is one of the reasons why CKC Agency’s client roster has always been referral-based.

Carolyn Krieger is the ultimate media captain. Success in public relations is personal relationships and no one gets this more than Carolyn.” 

Dennis Kraniak, President – Kraniak Consulting and former Group Director of Multiplatform Content, Fox Television Stations, LLC

Carolyn’s life has always followed a path of synchronicity. She embraces every challenge by finding “the gift” in each situation. For Carolyn, personal friendships, business introductions and client relationships fall seamlessly into place. There is a sign in her office that perfectly captures Carolyn’s philosophy of life as well as CKC Agency’s belief about business: “Work hard and be nice.”

These five simple words speak volumes about Carolyn Krieger.