Introducing Ourselves

Carolyn Krieger

Carolyn Krieger is the heart, soul and founder of CKC Agency. Her impeccable reputation, unwavering integrity and endless creativity as a public relations powerhouse are the foundation upon which CKC Agency is built. Carolyn is genuine, and the deep, trusted business, client and media relationships she has developed during her 35+ year career transcend the typical. She relishes her role as a sought-after source and sounding board for everyone from corporate leaders to clients, media contacts from the boardroom to the newsroom, and seasoned to young, hungry-to-learn industry professionals.

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Pat baskin

Pat Baskin is CKC Agency’s strategic powerhouse. She is a proven leader with a track record in the world of corporate communications and public relations. For years, Pat has focused on helping clients grow their businesses with public relations tactics, and has helped corporations effectively communicate and motivate their employees. Her career credentials include working for two well-known advertising agencies in the U.S. – Lowe Campbell Ewald and Doner Advertising. If it has anything to do with communications, Pat has done it all – media relations, crisis communications, issues management, market research, strategic partnerships, event strategy and planning for both the client and advertising agency side of business.

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alison schwartz

Alison Schwartz is a public relations dynamo who stops at (next to) nothing to secure ‘the story.’ Her work ethic is best described as ‘whatever it takes’ and her PR expertise is second to none. She is resourceful, respectful and really knows how to marry what a client offers with what the media desires. Alison is adept at developing a story’s special angles, creating compelling press releases and pitches, and presenting the information strategically, highlighting the benefits to each media outlet and the advantages to sharing it with their audience. She reaches for the stars for every CKC Agency client and in doing so Alison has become a shining star in the industry.

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Isabel Meier

Isabel Meier is an outside-of-the-box thinker with a passion for writing, both defining qualities that set her apart as a creative public relations professional. Isabel is a team-player with an innovative mindset, and the skills she possesses benefit CKC Agency’s clients big time. Always up for a challenge, she is a hard-working, diligent learner who prides herself on her attention to detail, ability to adapt to new situations and capacity to adjust to fast-paced environments. Isabel plays an integral role at CKC Agency, writing and editing press materials, maximizing publicity opportunities, and maintaining trusted relationships with the media and the agency’s valued clients.

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Nick Roberts, a CKC Agency college intern, is a self-motivated and optimistic individual who has a passion for writing. A quick learner, Nick is an adaptable team player who works hard to complete every task effectively and efficiently. He plays several key roles at CKC Agency including monitoring the media, conducting research and drafting press materials for the agency’s valued clients. As an active member in the professional entrepreneurship fraternity Epsilon Nu and a member of the executive board for the CMU Swim and Dive Club, Nick gained most of his knowledge of public relations through his courses and extracurriculars at Central Michigan University. He also completed an internship at The Henry Ford Museum.

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Kiah Anderson

Kiah Anderson, a CKC Agency college intern, is a high-spirited and hard-working individual with a passion for learning and gaining new experiences in public relations. A creative thinker, Kiah is dedicated to assisting and completing any and all agency assignments that come her way, whether that means conducting key client research, monitoring the media, or assisting in the development of written materials and creative ideas. Kiah is an active member of many student-led groups at Central Michigan University, and has gained most of her experience in several university organizations like PRSSA, the CMU Student Government Association, Lunch Buddies, and America Counts and Reads.

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