How we get you noticed


Marketing is a contest for people’s attention. –Seth Godin

“Buy this!”

“Try that!”

“Go here!”

“Eat there!”

We are bombarded with marketing messages every minute, every day, everywhere. Which messages will elicit a response? Which will resonate with us? And are the messages aimed at the right target?

CKC Agency’s full-service consortium of highly skilled marketing communications experts build brands effectively using different mediums. Our team will do a thorough discovery and comprehensive evaluation of each client’s business to fully understand their position in the marketplace and create a targeted marketing strategy designed to reach desired goals.

Innovative marketing campaigns may incorporate traditional advertising, marketing, and public relations programs as well as mobile, email, social media, and online initiatives. CKC Agency presents recommendations on how to effectively communicate to a client’s identified target audiences as well as composes strategic brand messaging.

Top talent. Smart strategy. Real results. If you own a company, are starting a project, or want to take your business to a new level of success, start with CKC Agency. We will be your strategic partner, trusted advocate, and creative think tank. 

Prepare to reap big benefits!