Michael Bolton Premiere

Lights! Camera! Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Publicity Action!

Project Overview:

It was the proverbial eleventh hour for Grammy Award-winning singer Michael Bolton’s Los Angeles-based manager, Christina Kline, who was in search of a stellar PR firm with exemplary media connections to spearhead and oversee a high-profile project in Detroit.

Time was of the essence to find the perfect partner to create and execute a successful publicity strategy to secure press interest around the sneak preview of the entertainer’s heartfelt documentary film, Gotta Keep Dreamin, about the city he had come to love. Kline knew the head of marketing communications for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles based in suburban Detroit, who highly recommended CKC Agency telling Kline, “You’ll find NO better local PR agency to help get the word out about Michael’s documentary premiere. (They know) EVERY press person whose  anyone in the city. I implore you to give (them) a call. You won’t be sorry.”

Kline retained CKC Agency. While the documentary had not yet been completed, the project goals were to:

  • Create an event to share the film’s progress to date
  • Organize and promote the opportunity for media attend a press conference with Michael Bolton, the film’s executive producer
  • Secure media coverage at a VIP red carpet event and a sneak preview of the film, moderated by key individuals featured in the project such as Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Motown Records alumni including Martha Reeves.

Tactics Implemented:

Experienced and accomplished at meeting tight deadlines, CKC Agency had less than one week to achieve the client’s goals. The firm’s team of publicists immediately mobilized, strategized, and:

  • Created targeted media lists
  • Developed and distributed press releases and media alerts
  • Conducted media follow-up
  • Confirmed and coordinated media interviews
  • Created run of show and media interview schedule for the press event
  • Media-prepped Michael Bolton for interviews
  • Time-managed one-on-one media interviews at the press event
  • Managed media interviews at the red carpet event

“Awesome - thanks for all your efforts to make it happen!” 

Christina Kline, Executive Producer –Gotta Keep Dreamin Documentary

Results Achieved:

Michael Bolton and his team enjoyed two hugely successful media events promoting Gotta Keep Dreamin. Press coverage was secured in and on every major Detroit television, radio and print media outlet as well as online and social media outlets, resulting in almost $250,000 in earned media value on television alone.