Public Relations

Public Relations

Everything you do or say is public relations. –Unknown

At CKC Agency, we believe these words wholeheartedly. The irony is not lost on us that the author of this PR quote is “unknown.” Talk about a PR no-no. After all, the media cannot follow-up when they do not even know the spokesperson.

Public relations is our passion, and founder Carolyn Krieger is one of the most highly respected and sought after PR professionals in the business. There is no bigger thrill for our exceptional PR team than securing media coverage about our clients. For us, it truly is the thrill of victory. For our clients, it is the springboard to their success.

CKC Agency creates strategic public relations programs for clients that want to inform and educate key constituencies about their company, their brand, their products, and their services. To be truthful, we never met a public relations project we did not like! 

Short term or long term, local or national, star-studded, or serious-minded, CKC Agency’s experts thrive on engaging the media, capturing their attention, presenting targeted story ideas, and coordinating every detail between our media contacts and clients. We are proud to play an integral role in ensuring that all client PR efforts unfold seamlessly and result in meaningful, credible, and impactful publicity.

We look forward to helping you expand your brand and create major buzz!