Alison Schwartz


Alison Schwartz is a public relations dynamo who stops at (next to) nothing to secure ‘the story.’ Her work ethic is best described as ‘whatever it takes’ and her PR expertise is second to none. She is resourceful, respectful and really knows how to marry what a client offers with what the media desires. Alison is adept at developing a story’s special angles, creating compelling press releases and pitches, and presenting the information strategically, highlighting the benefits to each media outlet and the advantages to sharing it with their audience. She reaches for the stars for every CKC Agency client and in doing so Alison has become a shining star in the industry.

After first collaborating with clients to create an effective public relations program, Alison coordinates every detail to ensure each story is shared effectively in the media. From gathering the information a reporter needs to arranging interviews, Alison leaves no PR stone unturned.

An accomplished journalist in London before setting down roots in Michigan more than 20 years ago, Alison was the clinical news editor of a weekly health industry newspaper in the U.K. and the health editor of a best-selling women’s weekly magazine. She was also a regular contributor to The Telegraph Magazine and a freelancer for other national magazines and newspapers. Her beautiful British accent is a delight and while she recently became a United States citizen, we’ve told her to embrace every aspect of her American side as long as she never loses her enchanting English enunciation.

Alison adores her husband and three sons. She also makes sure that no one she is in contact with…from clients to celebrities to her coworkers…ever goes hungry, ensuring that they have a cup of coffee, a spot of tea and something sweet to eat.